Hey Guys! I’m Melanie and I live in Las Vegas, Nevada with my fiancé, Eric, and our two fur babies, Pickles and Rocky. Coffee ‘n Spice is a little corner of the internet that lets you enjoy the little things in life. Like sippin’ some coffee with a warm candle in the morning, or the joys of breakfast in bed! I want to share the recipes I have created, experimented with, and what my friends and family have shared with me in the past. This is a place where food and life are celebrated. Not only do I want to share my cooking, I want to show you how to enjoy a little more of life.


The recipes on this blog are devoted to being delicious and easy to cook, that is why my recipes include multiple photos. When creating recipes, I strive to make them taste like they’re from a high-end restaurant, but instead it’s straight-outta-yo-kitchen!

FYI – In many of my recipes, I do not use dairy products; that includes butter. I know! The disgrace! Trust me, I want to, but I can’t. In 2015, I became lactose-intolerant, after eating dairy for 19 years. What-the-heck! Right? So, in many of my recipes, I use a dairy-free butter substitute or, if I need to use milk, I always substitute with almond milk. However, my recipes always include substitutions for butter or milk.



P.S. – Coffee ‘n Spice will share posts weekly. Unfortunately, due to my job and my schoolwork I cannot post daily, but if time permits, I will share some more.

Photos by Shawnee Michelle 



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