Autumn Centerpiece Under $30

Autumn is right around the corner. One of my favorite things to do is decorate my house. I mean who doesn’t love the pumpkins, candles and plaid? On a visit to the craft store I found a couple different pieces that I thought would make a great centerpiece for my coffee table. This is just an idea of some cool finds at craft stores to inspire you to create your own centerpiece.

I spent less than $30 on my centerpiece. I bought a total of six items and used an old tray I had at home to create it. You can go to your favorite decor or craft store and buy any of these pieces. I went to Michael’s. Other great stores to find budget friendly decorations are Dollar Tree and even the 99 Cent Store.

Here’s what I got:

  • Bag of assorted pumpkins for $9.99
  • An small orange pumpkin for $3.99
  • A faux white mini berry stem for $1.99
  • A faux round leaf eucalyptus stem for $9.99
  • A ‘Hey Pumpkin’ sign for $9.99
  • A 2.75 in x 6 in pillar candle for $4.99

I used a 20 percent off coupon which brought everything down to just under $30.

I started with my metal tray and added my pillar candle, orange pumpkin and the sign. Then I added all of the small pumpkins around the tray. Next, I took the eucalyptus stem and cut off some pieces and placed them around the tray. Then I used the berry stem and placed it around as well. I didn’t use glue or tape. The pumpkins hold down the stems perfectly.

This is a fun little project to make if you like DIY decorations.